Thursday, August 18, 2011

RSL, etc...

 Real Salt Lake games are fun, if you live here, you should definitely go at least once. I feel like it's the only Utah team of which I am a legitimate fan. Mostly because early in spring, we spent a freezing cold morning in line for tickets and then went to the game that night IN THE SNOW.
Looking at this picture gives me winter anxiety.

 I was so frozen and numb that when I tried to eat nachos I kept missing my mouth and dropping food. Games are so much better in the summer when I don't have to wear a scarf around my face.

 I was pretty excited about this yellow card, I kept it at home for awhile because I was waiting for Matt to do something that would justify me holding it up and saying something like "penalty! unsportsmanlike behavior!" buuuutt then I forgot and I think it got thrown away. You know why else RSL games are good? Because the last one we went to with Jenna and Brayden was the night before their engagement, and I'd like to think that the game inspired Brayden to make that happen.

  I'm so excited and happy for them! Congrats you two.

Other things:
Rebecca stayed with us for a weekend last month- it was so great having her here! She shares my love of food so we spent a lot of time in the kitchen.

Here is my brother with his rock star band, Finding Autumn, playing a show in Provo. I had never seen his band perform before and I loved it! They are so talented. This was the family reunion after party.

Calzones are good. Pretty boring to look at from the outside though.

Best idea of the day to use whole wheat pita bread for pizza crust. So easy and delicious. PS fresh mozzarella and homemade tomato sauce make ALL the difference.

 How cute are these little baby zucchini lemon muffins? I love zucchini stuff.

These meatball sliders were pretty good but mostly I thought it was cool how I accidentally took the photo with a black background.