Monday, February 20, 2012

More from CA

Matt contemplating life

Natalie with little Calvin!

Mid-game huddle

Nat and Jeff

Fam Bam

Calvin eating Doritos :)

Puzzle time

Monday, February 13, 2012

Chase's Mission Call

Chase is already out in the field on his mission, but here are some pictures of him receiving his mission call back in September. I was SO anxious and excited for him to open it. I met him down at BYU that day and we sat and waited for the mail for a long time. And then he finally got it! I love Chase's photo faces.

He was a little anxious too, waving it around everywhere. ("Chase keep it still for like two seconds so I can take a picture")

Yay mission call! Where is he going???

We phone conferenced with my family even though I think it was hard for them to hear with all the screaming from his friends :)

He is in Tacoma, Washington now!!

 His last day at BYU, I went and helped him pack up his room and he stayed at our place for a night before flying home.

I love writing him letters, but I really do miss being able to drive down and see him. In my first letter to him I wrote: "It's hard to believe you're still my little brother when I look up to you in SO many ways." He has become such a truly amazing person. If you're interested, feel free to follow the blog my mom is running for him. She keeps it updated with his letters and some pictures.