Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lake Powell August 2011

Hello mid-September! Where did you come from?

Before I catch up on recent events, I need to document Lake Powell! Prepare for a really long post.

So Paul and Mary invited us to come on their annual Lake Powell trip again this year- we love them! Gabe and Lexi, their girls Savannah and Seinna, and our friends Tyler and Andrea were all there too.

K so my dad gave us a couple bags of fireworks at the family reunion, so we thought it would be fun to bring them to the lake. We didn't realize HOW MANY fireworks were there! Literally hundreds. So that provided two nights of entertainment.  THANKS DAD! It was extra cool in the canyon with the light bouncing off the canyon walls and the loud echos. I tried to take a video of the legendary "atlantis" but the camera got a little shaky when atlantis started flying near our heads. So here instead is a blurry picture of the guys lighting fireworks.

I knee-boarded for the first time!!! You have to understand this is kinda a big deal. I have tried wake boarding more times than I can remember, and I tried knee boarding once before, but usually all these attempts just end up with a  really really sore body and a face slammed with water over and over again. So I finally got up on this board not once my friends, but twice. (Ok one beach start and then I got up by myself). It was really fun!! I wish I could do other water sports, but it may be awhile until I feel brave enough to try wake boarding again. I would maybe try water skiing though.

Here is Andrea dutifully taking pictures of Tyler wake boarding.

And here is me behind the camera dutifully taking pictures of Matt wake boarding. I thought this was a cool action shot but Matt looked at it and said it was not good. I guess I missed his GOOD day ;)

Tube wars! Here is Tyler and Matt. I wish I had a good picture of Andrea and me battling it out, right before some weird freak accident happened and she flew up and landed on me and crushed my bones and then was dragged under my tube. It was weird. And it hurt.

We took a little day trip out to some cool sites, and Gabe and Tyler jumped off of this really high cliff!!!

And then the day trip was cut short by a series of unfortunate events. Long story short, one boat broke and then the other boat's battery died. Stranded.

The girls crack me up. They kept us all entertained.

And then when we were towing the broken boats back to the dock at the end of the week, the rope broke so when  we got to the dock and Matt was supposed to jump out and swim the boats in- there was no boat! So we had to turn the houseboat around and go find the little boat floating out there with all our stuff in it. 

The week was a ton of fun, adventures and all!