Tuesday, December 14, 2010

oh hellooo

Exciting news- my grandma is back from her mission! Woohooo! It was great hearing her talk on Sunday and being around family. I also forgot to mention all the fun we had in Phoenix for Thanksgiving. But we had a lot of fun. And the food was delicious.

It's ALMOST CHRISTMAS!! I'm at BYU proctoring an exam right now (yes, I had to get up at 5:30 this morning to be here on time- ew). I just have to come here ONE more time for the rest of the year. That feels good. My thesis is coming along little by little, and that feels good too.

I never write about working at SIP Academy, because I only do it a couple days a week, but man those kids are funny. Until I have kids of my own, I will provide you with some funny things they've said...

5 year old girl: "My brother has a girlfriend"
me: "Wow, how old is he?"
her: "Oh you know, he's Shaggy. From Scooby Doo."

I spent a good 10 minutes teaching a 6 year old to play hang man, then a couple minutes into the game she says, "Ummm what is this game about?"
me: "It's about guessing letters and trying to make a word."
her: "No. I think it's about dying. And that's not funny. That's sad."

9 year old: "Are you like going on a mission or something?"
me: "What do you mean?"
her: "Like that thing for the church."
me: "No....."
her: "Oh. You just look like you are because your outfit"

6 year old: "Good thing there's not a no farting law, because I would be kicked off the planet."

5 year old boy: "Where did you get your earrings?"
me: "From the store"
him: "Can you take them off? I don't like them."

me: "Guess what guys? I brought you some candy."
9 year old: "I hope it's not American. American chocolate tastes like wax. I only eat European chocolate."

Don't worry though, the insults are worth it, because last week one of the little 6 year old girls brought me a card she made, with a lot of difficult math problems inside (e.g. 100 + 200 = 300). It was really cute.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Birthday Month- part 2.

Happy Birthday to Matt (a few days ago)!!!
I think everybody that reads this already wished Matt a happy birthday, so it's old news, but I think it should still be documented here.
His birthday was great. My Uncle Mark took us out golfing with my dad in Phoenix. It was a lovely sunny day and the course was beautiful. I actually only played about 5 holes until my cousin Isaac filled in for me. After that, we all watched the BYU - Utah game with hot wings and pizza. Don't worry I had lentil casserole. Which reminds me I need to get that recipe it was yummy. My sister Rebecca and my cousin Maren made no-bake cookies for the birthday boy, and we took a break at halftime to sing and celebrate, and Matt read all of his poetry cards that we made for him.  All the pics are on Facebook, but this is my favorite:

Love this guy!