Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Newport, Rhode Island

Matt's parents came to visit a couple weeks ago, so we had a fun reason to go explore a new state- Rhode Island! I feel like this teeny tiny state doesn't get the attention it deserves. It is BEAUTIFUL, green, coastal, historical- quaint and elegant at the same time.  

 It's a test of my quick-draw camera skills to get the state sign picture as we drive by on the highway.

The main attraction in Newport is touring the Newport Mansions, the most famous of which is The Breakers, the summer cottage of the Vanderbilt family.

 Can you imagine driving through those gates every time you came home? No babies (or cameras) were allowed inside the mansion, so we switched off watching Mariah, so she got to play outside with Grandma and Grandpa while Matt and I toured first.

(Also we forgot our stroller at home so stopped on the way and bought this ugly Mickey one. Not my first choice. Mariah is in love with it.)
 View from the back balcony
 The inside was AMAZING, gold coffered cielings, leather wall paper, platinum moulding, marble tubs....mind blowing.
When we finished our tour we switched so Mark and Janis could go inside and we got to play on the lawn with Mariah. 

 Just a girl and her apple...she put it in the stroller and wheeled it all around

Then parked it right under the tree so she could enjoy it in peace.

 We waved hi when we saw them on the balcony! While I was taking the picture Mariah poured my water all down her front.

 We left The Breakers to go grab lunch, I was really wanting seafood and we found this great little beach shack on Eaton's Beach.

All my lobster roll dreams came true! 

After lunch at the beach, we went to tour The Marble House (another Vanderbilt residence)
Again, no pictures allowed inside, but I think I liked this one even better. It wasn't quite as big but the decor was just breathtaking.

View from the backyard.

This was the perfect day trip to do with grandparents to help, since we would not have been able to go inside with Mariah! The weather was perfectly balmy so it worked out great switching off. Mariah LOVES her "mongma" and "papa" 

After that, we went to our hotel where we got to stay right on the water and wake up to this pretty view. As a bonus, Mariah had her first truly successful night going to bed at a hotel! This is definitely someplace I'll want to visit again.