Thursday, January 17, 2013

2012 in Review

Well I'd say my big accomplishment from 2012 was growing a baby. Here's the year in review :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Polka-dot bum

Mariah was being extra smiley and talkative the other day so I got out the camera to try and capture some of it. I tried for over an hour to get just one smile, but the second she sees that camera it's all blank stares and funny faces. Love this little cookie.
(P.S. Happy Birthday to Stephanie!!)

 (Thanks Andrea for making that cute diaper cover!!)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas 2012 (pt 2)

My bro-in-law Mike made this cool game called Kubbs. We played it a few times and loved it.

 For her Christmas present, we took Rebecca to get her ears pierced.
 Madeleine turned TWO!

Matt and Jeff went golfing. 

Mariah got her own stocking! Thanks Aunt Cindy!
 We got excited about this hot air balloon landing so close.

We were able to visit both sets of grandparents on Matt's side.
Here's Grandpa Harris with 4 generations.

Here's 4 generations with Grandpa Morris
Grandma Morris

We met my dad for lunch at UTC, we went to Tender Greens and it was DELICIOUS.

 New Years Day Hike at Torrey Pines. We got the Lonas, Monroe, and Morris families all together! I think somebody has a pic of the whole group...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas 2012 (pt 1)

 On the plane ride there the girl sitting next to us offered to take our picture, not sure why. But this is what I look like most of the time- donning the nursing cover and looking a little haggard.

Christmas Eve.
Mariah met the rest of her cousins, aunts, and uncles!

She did a lot of slobbering and chewing on everybody.


Christmas Day
Her "My First Christmas" outfit lasted a whole 4 hours before she indicated with her bowels that she would like to change clothes.

Dinner with both families at the Morris' house. Jason cooked a whole pig.

There's no shortage of grandparent love :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

3 months!

Happy 3 months to my Mariah Rose. She has changed so much over the last few weeks, but is still just as sweet as ever.

She fits well in her 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.
Her schedule has become pretty consistent and predictable which makes our days and nights a lot easier! She generally goes down for the night around 9 or 10 pm, wakes up for a little snack around 2-4 am, then goes back down until about 8 am. She is wonder baby. When she wakes up in the morning she rarely cries; she is usually looking around wide-eyed. The best mornings are when I look down to find her already smiling to herself. When I pick her up and unleash her arms from her swaddle blanket she does big stretches and gets excited to tell me all about her baby dreams.

She has discovered her hands and is slowly figuring out that they are indeed attached to her. She has also discovered her voice and is talking and singing more and more every day. Never thought I would get so excited to talk to a baby :)

Mariah likes:
Pacifiers!! What a life saver.
Her swing! Another big change, and another huge help.
Riding around in the sling so she can see out
People smiling and talking to her.
Baths. She even loves water being poured over her hair and face.
Car rides, as long as the car is moving.
Travel. Now that she's been on a handful of successful plane trips I think we can say this is an interest of hers.
Sucking on anything she can get near her face.
The sound of her own voice.
Her hands.
Nursing. Every 2-3 hours.
Standing while being held.
Space heater. A girl after my own heart.

Mariah does not like:
Loud sneezes.
When one of her socks falls off.
Car rides, when the car is at a stop light.
Grocery shopping. This still stresses me out.

Some pictures from the last month:

If you got our Christmas card and wondered if our baby has club foot...don't worry it's just her sock coming off.
 Pacifier to the rescue!


Usually I try not to post pictures that would embarrass her in the future, but this one is too good not to share. Sumo Baby!!

And of course she still likes naps with her dad.