Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Girl!

Our sweet little babins is a GIRL!
Seeing her on the ultrasound was by far the best experience of pregnancy so far. I basically cried/laughed through the whole thing. She was moving around so much! I am in love with her. I have been giddy with excitement and daydreaming about her all day long. The doctor said everything looks great and she measured right on track. Feeling extra blessed today. We got lots of photos and a DVD recording of the ultrasound. I didn't get much work done today because I was busy staring at the pictures and I was anxious to come home so we could watch the recording of her again.

Here are a few of our favorite snapshots:

I love seeing her profile and imagining what she'll look like.

Skinny little baby legs!

 We love this one since she's waving at us!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Little Baby Morris

Baby Morris will be joining us this fall!

16 weeks along, and finally a little something to show for it :)
We are thrilled, nervous, excited, anxious, and thankful!

I'll post baby updates every so often to stay in touch with friends and family and help journal all these crazy changes.
Due date: October 1
Sickness: Mostly extreme hunger, and I mean extreme. Morning sickness has been worse in the second trimester so far.
Cravings: Frozen fruit, fruit, and coconut water. Seriously heard myself say "I love you" out loud to my coconut water in the car last week. I also have had some short but intense cravings for food in California... especially Juanita's tacos and pad thai from Pick Up Stix (did you know they don't have those in Utah?)
Aversions: Dry foods, and most desserts (what have I become??!)
Heartbeat: We heard it loud and clear for the first time at week 10! 150 bpm. Best sound in the world.
Feeling movement: Not yet, hopefully in the next few weeks.
Names: We have a pretty good idea if it's a girl, but are still unsure about boy names.

We tried to tell as many of our friends and family as possible in person or over the phone over the last couple months, but we are just finally going for-reals public, even though this whole thing still seems so surreal! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love the reminder to reflect on Christ's atonement and resurrection, and the symbols of rebirth, new beginnings, and hope. I got especially choked up singing "He is Risen!" during Church- I have so much to be thankful for.
Loved having our Morris parents visiting for the weekend :) It's always nice to be able to celebrate holidays with family.

I should probably mention another two reasons why I look forward to Easter- honey baked ham and funeral potatoes. We had a big Easter dinner at Paul and Mary's (I think there were 18 people seated at the table!), and that food did not disappoint! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

phone pictures

Sometimes I take pictures on my phone, and then a long time later I remember them! Here are some fun things from October-January.

We've tried to make it a tradition to go on a hike in between sessions every General Conference weekend. We didn't get around to it this time, so these are from last October :)

I am a master of science. I got the hard proof in the mail! Later this month I'll finally get to put on the graduation costume and take some pictures.

In January my sister friend came to visit! Actually she came for work but she got to visit me for an afternoon. We went to Pizzeria 712 in Orem--yuummmyy!!!

And then we went shopping. I REALLY really wish she lived here.