Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flying with Dad

We got to go flying with my dad while we were in California. I hadn't been with him in years so I was really looking forward to it, and I was excited for Matt to go for the first time. 

My mom and I sometimes joke about the funny similarities between Matt and my dad, and here again is proof: they both wore a pullover sweatshirt.

Where we got married!

Chillin' in the back seat.

 I love clouds.  I still remember being so disappointed when I learned clouds were just vapor and you couldn't actually play on them or make cloud balls.

 Pretty pretty Coronado

 Matt's turn flying :)

 My dad explaining aerodynamic wing stuff. He's the best.

We flew down the coastline, then circled back up and went a little inland before coming back and landing at Palomar. Such a beautiful fun morning. Thanks again dad!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

2011 in Review

Just to sum up the year and fill in the gaps.

In January, I carried on my mom's tradition of making Martin Luther King, Jr. pancakes. This must have been a pretty bleak month because this is the only picture I have. Guess all I did was hibernate and eat pancakes.

In February, Matt and his team at CBRE were featured in Utah Business Magazine, complete with photo and article!

In March, we went to a couple Real Salt Lake games.

In April, we celebrated our one year anniversary and took a fun trip to Costa Rica!

In May, we spent a fun, cold weekend in Park City. Yep, still snow on the ground. Started work at the Church Office Building this month.

In June, I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy woo woo! The doc did give me photos of my insides... but I'll spare you. Now I can eat food like this though:

And here's a pic from the driving range.

In July, we had the Williams Family Reunion at the Rockin' R Ranch. And boy was it rockin'. I didn't manage to get out my camera while we were there but I did bring it to the after party, which was the Finding Autumn (Chase's band) show in Provo.

We spent most of July 4th at the Skidmore's cabin in Kamas with extended family. Such a fun day!  I love these pics the Skidmores took of us.

In August, we went to Lake Powell and Matt finished up his summer softball season.  He spent a lot of time on the field, and I spent a lot of time chattin it up with the ladies on the bleachers.

This was from a pre-game picnic.

In September, abacus classes picked back up with the start of a new school year.

In October, Matt took me to my second ever BYU football game. Yeah, I'm wearing a football jersey. Who am I?

In November,  we went to India, and then I defended my thesis and earned a little diploma. We both celebrated our birthdays too.

In December, we went to San Diego to spend time with our families during the holidays.

Jenna got married, Chase left on a mission, and Madeleine celebrated her first birthday... all on the same day!! More on those things later.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Seasons Greetings

Hola again!  Wow the last month and a half has been BUSY! So let's see where did we leave off here. Oh yeah we made it back from India alive (barely) pics are all on facebook if you haven't seen them yet. No pictures of us throwing up all over the airport there but I think we got most of the other highlights documented.

Sooo in the couple weeks after we got back I defended my thesis (stressful) and graduated (talk about anti-climatic). My mom came up to visit for a week during my thesis defense shenanigans to celebrate (and take pictures of important moments, like walking out the door and getting in the car) but I was still sick for the whole time she was here. So even though the graduation dinner ended up being kind of a bust it was nice to have my mommy bringing me otter pops and pepto bismol on the couch every day.
Also Matt turned 29 (woot woot). Thanks Morris parents for the Outback gift card for Matt's birthday :) As you probably suspected, that is where Matt wanted to go.

But you'll never guess what we ate for his birthday lunch.

Yeah, sushi. His choice. Matt sampled the shrimp at Costco then wanted to buy the whole tray. I ended up eating pretty much everything else but the shrimp.

We took this next pic in India because they had these big signs at every gas station and we thought it was funny.

Hope everyone had happy 2011 holidays. We did! We just got back from San Diego earlier today so we are still in vacay mode. Staying up late. Partying. aka I can't sleep because I'm too busy blowing my nose and coughing. I'll blog on our Christmas time soon but to sum it up I love our families and miss everybody SO much already.