Thursday, March 15, 2012


Conversation from the other week:

Him: "What's for dinner tonight?"
Me: "Soba bowls! Yummy time!"
"What's soba?"
"Japanese buckwheat noodles"
"Seriously? That sounds repulsive"
"It's not repulsive. It's healthy and delicious"
10 minutes later, looking at the soba in the colander: "That looks like brains"
"No, it looks like noodles"
"Where's the meat?"
"No meat"

But you know what, he tried it and he liked it.

 Some other meals in bowls from the last little while...

Sweet and spicy beef with bok choy

Broccoli and aged cheddar soup. (Best ever.)

Carrot and miso sesame soup

Orange chicken

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Once a week, I teach an abacus class to a group of preschoolers. Every time I come in they smother me with hugs and kisses and say "YAY!!!" This hour has become a highlight of my week, not to mention the fact that it is really good for my self-esteem*.

Here are some things they've said to me over the last few weeks:

"Your teeth are so white and diamonds."

"Miss Emily, are you the smartest person in Utah?"
Me: "No I don't think so."
Another kid: "God and Jesus are."
"I don't know, I think Miss Emily is."

"Are you going to be our teacher forever?"
Me: "Probably not forever, but I'll be here for awhile."
"My mom told me that grown-ups die before kids. Will you come until you die?"

"I like your ring. Do you have it because you're a princess?"

"I like your face."
"I like your hair."
"I like your shirt."
"I like your name."

"I like it when you sit by me."
"I wish you were my sister."

"Miss Emily, I love you."
Me: "Aw thanks I love all of you."
"No, I LOVE YOU. Like, I really love you. A lot."

For an hour a week I feel like the world's greatest. I wish everybody could have a day like this, these kids are the best. 

(*nothing is wrong with basing my self-esteem on compliments from 4 year olds.)