Saturday, November 17, 2012

Six Week Baby

Oh I love my baby girl. Apparently our tiny newborn is actually growing up really fast. At her six week checkup on Thursday, she weighed in at 10 lb 6 oz and measured 22 in. Hungry little babe is packing on the pounds. She's in the 67%ile for weight and 80%ile for height.
She had to get her first round of shots also :( She had them earlier than the usual 2 month appointment since we're leaving town tomorrow. It was sad, but it went better than the heel prick. Here she is getting measured, then being held waiting for the shots. Poor thing.

This week I think I am finally starting to feel like we're getting the hang of things. Nursing finally stopped hurting. We seem to have a (very) loose feeding and sleeping schedule now. I feel like I'm getting to know Mariah better and better every day. Life is seeming relatively normal and I am feeling more and more confident taking her to do things and run errands on my own.
So at six weeks...

Mariah likes:
Sleeping on her tummy, especially on Matt's chest
Sucking on our pinky fingers
Soft blankets
Tummy rubs
Having her cheeks kissed a million times in a row (or maybe just I like it)
Shushing sounds
Pooping at Stephanie's house
Being held and rocked all the time
Hanging out in the moby wrap
Car rides

Hangin out naked right after another blow out at her aunt's house

Loves her dad

One of my favorite things is snuggling her right after her bath.

Mariah doesn't like:
Wet diapers
Being hungry

And.... She is finally smiling at us!! It is making my life. I have to try not to cry every time she smiles so I don't scare her. I think it is the cutest thing watching her concentrate so hard to try to make her mouth smile.

Also I'm (finally) on Instagram where I will most likely be posting way too many pictures of this little girl,  you can follow @emmorr

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Mariah had a busy Halloween, with three outfits to get through. You can probably tell by her faces that she was pretty unimpressed with the whole idea.

 My cousin Hannah made her this cute hairbow that she wore for most of the day. 

We went and visited Matt at work since his building was doing a little family trick or treat. It went really great until she peed and her diaper leaked on someone. That was our cue to leave.

My friend Lindsey gave her this hot dog costume which was pretty funny (I do not like hot dogs), but way too big for her.

That evening we hung out with Stephanie and Michael (who just moved here- YAY!), took pictures of the girls, and passed out candy. 

Mariah still had her ballerina costume to put on. You can almost hear her saying "aww mommm."

Cousin love. Attempting to share toys.

Mariah still doesn't take a pacifier, but she loves sucking on our pinky fingers.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Naps with Dad

  Well now that a whole month has gone by, I thought I should catch up on posting some pictures. Mostly phone snapshots. The only thing that comes close to cuddling with baby is seeing Matt cuddle with baby.

1 day old

 1 week

 2 weeks

 3 weeks

 4 weeks

 I love when she falls asleep with her fingers intertwined