Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another day another parasite cleanse

We are on day 3 of our parasite cleanse, I'd like to say it's going well, but we have just been so incredibly tired from the herbs we're taking I don't even know how well it's working. I won't post pictures of what we've been eating because it's really not appetizing at all. We're not even entirely sure we have parasites- I'm just convinced I do since I have terrible digestion, and Matt's just coming along for the ride (he's been a great sport). Don't worry, we're under the supervision of a doctor my homeopath friend.
Matt starts his CCIM classes today. You don't know what that is? Me neither, and I've had it explained to me about 5 times. I do know that he gets to leave work a couple hours early two days a week and these classes will help him advance his career. ALSO, he got called to be an Elders Quorum instructor. I am just so proud of him for how hard he works at everything!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The afternoon nap lasted 5 hours...

So Matt and I are wide awake now.

We had a GREAT time at Jeff and Natalie's wedding last weekend. The wedding was beautiful and I'm excited to have another Morris sister-in-law! It was tons of fun hanging out with Matt's immediate and extended family and getting to know everybody better. The kids are all adorable and so funny! I wish we all lived closer and could get together more often. I loved staying at home, being with family, and re-decorating the guest room-I wish we had before and after pictures, Mom :) I miss you all already.
The trip was just too short!

Here we are at the rehearsal dinner (I wish I had better pictures from the wedding day!)

The past week has been really busy, but here are a few highlights:

-Matt's softball team WON! He even had a head first slide into home base!
-I got a second job :) I'll be teaching classes to children at SIP Academy.
-As a result of getting the job, I'm spending time every day learning how to use an abacus. Yep.
-Matt got a new driver which improved his golf game on Saturday
-We set up two of our friends and went out on a double date to Market Street Grill and it was very delicious. We played games back at our place and I won texas hold em (Matt bought me a poker set for our 1 month anniversary- very romantic and traditional ;)  )

We're just enjoying the summer and loving the weather. Ok, I love that it's in the upper 90s but I might be alone in that one.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Take me home, country roads!

We are leaving in..... 20 minutes!
Can't wait to see you all!

We'll probably be there by the time you read this, but Mom and Dad- you can be sure we will do some serious John Denver sing-a-long. It wouldn't be a road trip without it!